Thursday, September 30, 2010

Elation's Opti30 UV: Turning Out the Lights on the Black Light Competition

If you’ve been to a club or bar where peoples’ shirts and teeth have been glowing, either black light effects were at work or something was very wrong. Likely it was either incandescent or fluorescent black lights creating the effect. Although black light bulbs are often relatively inexpensive, they are rather impractical for the DJ on the go or a mobile entertainer because they are fragile and can take a long time to set up. Furthermore, fluorescent black lights and especially incandescent black lights have short life spans, making them a hassle to use. Elation has recently come up with a clever solution to these problems with their Opti30 UV LED can PAR64 shape can.

The Opti30 UV features 12 one-watt UV LEDs housed in a tough aluminum can so you can be sure this fixture will be durable. Each of the 12 LEDs is rated at 30,000hrs and has close to zero heat output, making these bulbs extremely efficient and long lasting. The Opti30 UV is extremely versatile, you can either hang it from a truss or use its double yoke as a stand and use it from the floor. Furthermore, the Opti30 UV can operate in either a stand alone mode via an LED built in display or can be controlled by a DMX controller. To add to this unit’s versatility, it can run on a range of voltages making it useful in nearly all venues regardless of the venue's electrical configuration. Once your Opti30 UV is set up and situated, fire up its fully adjustable dimming, strobing, and intensity and you’ll have some of the most creative and customized black lighting around.

BulbAmerica has the Opti30 UV and many other of Elation's lighting products in stock today, so check it out. As usual, leave us a comment or question on our blog or our Facebook. Also don’t forget to give us a call at 1-877-622-0897 with any further inquiries you have.

Chauvet Struts its Stuff on the Catwalk in Miami

When this year's SwimShow 2011 , the world’s foremost fashion show for designer swimwear, decided it needed colorful lighting to complement the models on the catwalk and match the exciting vibe of Miami, the show's host city, the lighting designers turned to Chauvet and their outstanding ColoRADO LED color changers. The lighting designers lit the catwalk’s backdrop with twelve ColoRADO 1 color changers to create an exciting pallet of light to match the models’ flashy swimwear. The dynamic color changing abilities of the ColoRADO 1 units were ideal for the 350 different fashion exhibitors. As the models strutted down the runway to the music, the ColoRADOs changed their patterns and colors accordingly, rounding out the experience for the audience. As each show went on, the lighting and colors would get brighter and more complex, creating a sense of building energy during the shows.

SwimShow 2011 highlighted how LED PARs are perfectly suited for exhibitions and non-traditional stage events. In addition to producing fabulous light and color changing, the 70w ColoRADO has minimal energy draws so you can maximize the lighting you are able to use on a single circuit. The uses for LED PARs are nearly boundless as Chauvet and SwimShow 2011 have shown. BulbAmerica stocks a wide array of Chauvet’s products and other LED PARs to get your lighting going. Check out what we have to offer! As usual, leave a question or comment on our blog or Facebook, or call us at 1-877-622-0897 with any further inquiries.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LED Lighting on Display in one of Germany's Greatest Museums

LEDs are often used in applications where color changing and strobing is required, as in stage lighting. In museum applications however, white LEDs are being used for their ultra-violet and heat free light. LED lighting was recently installed at Hamburg’s Museum of Art and Industry, a prominent museum in Germany that attracts approximately 250,000 visitors a year. LEDs were utilized in nearly every museum application from illuminating the ticket desk in the museum’s entrance to the LED bulbs that lit up the museum’s collection. The museum’s halls featured LED luminaires which provided a partial wash for hallways’ vaulted ceilings, highlighting the building’s 130 year old architecture while providing sufficient light for museum visitors to navigate the museum. Even the lighting used in the museum’s bookstore was LED, thus fulfilling the museum’s goal of making its lighting both efficient and highly functional.

The Hamburg Museum of Art and Industry provides a wonderful example of not only LED architectural lighting, but the exclusive use of white LEDs, proving that LEDs are not solely useful in color changing applications. BulbAmerica has a wide selection of architectural and stage and studio LEDs to give you the lighting you need, so check out what we have to offer. As usual, leave us a comment or question on our blog or our Facebook. Also don’t forget to give us a call at 1-877-622-0897 with any further inquiries you have.

GE's Lucalox Horticultrual Lamps Revolutionize Greenhouse Lighting

With the green revolution taking place in lighting, people are looking for long lasting, more efficient lighting options in all applications. One area where a big push for greener lighting has occurred is in horticultural lighting. GE’s line of Lucalox XOPSL and XO HID horticultural lamps are an excellent and long lasting option for greenhouse lighting. The Lucalox lamps are extremely long lasting, depending on their wattage they can last anywhere between 16,000hrs and 28,5000hrs. GE’s Lucalox lamps are also powerful, producing between 53,675 mean lumens and 106,400 depending on which wattage lamp you choose. The Lucalox series lamps’ long lasting performance and high light output make them equivalent to about five 125w fluorescent lamps or 42 40w four-foot fluorescent lamps, making these HID horticultural lamps a great option for retrofitting your greenhouse with more effective lighting. These lamps emit a light 2,100K reddish light that is ideal for triggering the hormones in plants that make them flower.

GE’s Lucalux horticultural lamps can last an extremely long time, but you must take certain measures to ensure that they operate correctly and otimally. First, try to turn your Lucalox lamps on and off as little as possible; turning it off and then putting it through its re-ignition process will shorten the lamp’s lamp life. Second, make sure that the environment is vibration free, vibration can harm the lamp’s fragile components. Third, and this is true will all lamps requiring ballasts, make sure that the ballast you are using is compatible with Lucalox lamps.

GE’s Lucalox 400w, 600w, and 750w lamps are the new standard in horticultural lighting and have been lauded for their long lasting light and luminous efficacy. BulbAmerica stocks the full Lucalox line as well as other GE lighting products, so be sure to check them out. As usual, leave a question or comment on our blog or Facebook, or call us at 1-877-622-0897 with any further inquiries.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Griven's Outdoor Lighting Attracts Investors to Ukrainian Business Park

Griven’s outdoor color changers are an important tool for any business or group that wants to draw attention to itself. This past winter in the city of Donetsk, southern Ukraine’s industrial center, employed Griven’s color changers to draw attention to its thriving commercial sector by illuminating the city’s new business park, the Stolichiny Business Center. By washing the main buildings of the Stolichiny Business Center in the rich light of Griven’s Kolorstream color changers, officials in Donetsk hoped to attract business owners who were looking for new or additional space for their businesses. Not only did Griven’s outdoor color changers illuminate the buildings with brilliant light, but they also made the buildings of the Stolichiny Business Center stand out against the other buildings in the area.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, Griven’s color changers cannot be beat. Their power, durability, and beautiful CYM color changing make them truly unrivaled. BulbAmerica carries Griven’s entire line of outdoor color changers and other products, so be sure to check out what we have to offer. As usual, be sure to leave your comments or questions on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897 for any further inquiries.

ADJ's Mega Pixel Arch: Great Light at a Great Price

American DJ’s commitment to creative lighting solutions at affordable prices has produced another innovative lighting module for entertainment and architectural applications. ADJ’s Mega Pixel Arch is a tool to introduce color and movement into club, restaurant, bar, and retail settings. The 31w Mega Pixel arch features 288 LEDs, each rated at 100,000hrs so they are guaranteed to produce rich colors and last for a long time. The Mega Pixel Arch features a wide range of versatility and effect variability. With full control over color strobing, color mixing, dimming, and LED chase speeds, you can easily customize your Pixel Arch’s performance. Control of the Pixel Arch is made easy, control it with it with a DMX controller in 3, 4, 7, 10, 16, 24, or 28 channel modes, or use the Pixel Arch in stand alone or master/slave configuration.

One great feature of the Mega Pixel Arch is that they are easily linkable to other Pixel Arch units, making it easier to make larger arches and maximize the module’s effects. Couple multiple linked Pixel Arches with a fog machine and you’ll have a very dynamic effect. At 11lbs, the Mega Pixel Arch is easily transportable and durable, making it easy for the DJ or entertainer on the go to travel with. Furthermore, the low heat output and lack of duty cycles ensures that your Pixel Arch can run for hours at a time without any problem at all.

BulbAmerica has the Mega Pixel Arch and many other of American DJ’s products in stock, so check out what we have to offer today. As usual, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Light Simulates Water in Rockefeller Center with LEDs

Though it went up in 2008 and is no longer there, the Electric Fountain, a 35ft tall LED powered fountain, was truly a testament to the artistic and imaginative capabilities of LED technology. The fountain was erected in the center New York City’s iconic Rockefeller Center and featured 3,400 LED bulbs and 2,100ft of neon tubing. The LED bulbs were sequenced and timed in such a way that they realistically simulated the rise and fall of water. Amazingly, the 3,400 LED bulbs only used 120amps.The Electric Fountain drew roughly 250,000 people and demonstrated to the public the outstanding potential of LED bulbs.

Even since 2008 there have been tremendous strides made in LED technology. Today, BulbAmerica stocks numerous types of LED retrofit bulbs, outdoor LEDs, and other LED products that were not available even two years ago. It is likely that increasing numbers of LED retrofit light bulbs and applications for LEDs will reveal themselves very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more news about LEDs and we will keep you updated. Don’t forget to leave us a message or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897 for any further inquiries.

LED Lights Bring a Taiwanese Department Store to Life

Telee Star Place is a department store featuring high end retailers, restaurants, and apartments in the center of Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan. The building features an avant-garde all white curving design with a ‘void’ toward the front of the building that the building’s 12 floors bend around. Though the interior of the Talee Star Place is radical, the exterior of the building is mesmerizing. The glass façade of the building has placed over it a giant aluminum lattice of metal fins and ridged pieces that create a swirling pattern on the front of the building. Fitted into the aluminum fins are LED modules which are controlled by external controls and animation software, making the building appear to come alive with light.

The LED façade of the Telee Star Place represents the boundless creativity possible with LED lighting in architectural applications. BulbAmerica has a wide range of both LED products for architectural and entertainment applications, so be sure to check out what we have to offer. As usual, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897 with any further inquiries.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Chauvet's ColoRADO 6 LED Washes Out the Competition

Chauvet has entered the outdoor lighting ring with their IP66 rated ColoRADO 6 wash unit and has served a veritable KO to its opponents. The 149w ColoRADO 6 features 108 one-watt LEDs, each rated at 50,000hrs each, to give the fixture its powerful light. The ColoRADO 6 is perfect for both architectural and entertainment applications. The flicker free functioning of this unit also allows it function perfectly in film and video broadcasting applications. By choosing to control the ColoRADO 6 in a stand alone mode via its on board LED controls you can leave it alone to illuminate the side of a building or a wall. Or, opt to use a controller and control your ColoRADO 6 in 3, 4, 9, or 12 channel modes. By using the dimmer and strobe features, you can introduce dynamic lighting into your wall washing, these features can all be controlled through a password protected LED display on board the ColoRADO 6 itself or via a DMX controller.

Chauvet has outfitted the Colorado 6 with two features to its sturdy construction that make it easy to use. One is that multiple ColoRADO 6 units can be easily interlocked to create a blinder, wall, or strip light effects. Secondly, the intelligently designed ColoRADO 6 can be easily rotated to adjust the angle at which it shines by using two easy to use knobs on either end of the luminaire.

BulbAmerica has ColoRADO 6 units in stock so act now and get yours today! We also stock a wide range of Chauvet’s other products to get your lighting looking great. As usual, leave comments or questions on our blog or Facebook, or give us a call at 1-877-622-0897 with any other further inquires.

The Xinbei Bridge Lights Up with Outdoor LEDs

The cable-stayed Xinbei Bridge connects Xinbei City and Taipei City in Taiwan and until recently, had been in dire need of a lighting makeover. The 1,300ft Xinbei Bridge had outdoor LED fixtures installed, particularly surrounding the 445ft concrete tower that holds the cables that keep the bridge upright. The LED color changing modules used 56 weatherproof wash fixtures, allowing for the tower, the underside of the bridge, and other sections of the bridge to be blanketed in rich, flat light. The Xinbei Bridge is a unique example of outdoor LED lighting because it was the lighting was integrated into the bridge’s design long after the bridge had been built. This may signal the beginning of a trend to outfit bridges that are currently in the dark with exciting light, to not only make the bridges safer but to make them spectacles and even tourist attractions.

BulbAmerica has a wide selection of outdoor LED fixtures to bring attention to whatever outdoor architectural feature or entertainment event you want to illuminate. From LED PARs to wash units and more, we have whatever you need. As usual, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook page or call us at 1-877-622-0897 with any further inquiries you have.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Light for Fright on Halloween Night!

“Boo” can be something shouted when someone is trying to scare you, or it can be hissed at you by a mob of angry trick-or-treaters due to your lackluster Halloween lighting. Hopefully, with this guide to Halloween lighting you will be hearing the former “boo” rather than the latter.
Homeowners generally do two things with their Halloween lighting, set it up outdoors for a spooky graveyard yard display or go for something closer to a haunted house indoors or in the garage. Regardless of where you plan to stage your Halloween display, you will most likely want to invest in a fog machine, is one of the staple lighting effects to create a scary ambiance. There are many fog machines to choose from and you’ll want to see which most closely suits your needs. One thing you’ll want to be sure is to not confuse a fog machine and a haze machine. A haze machine produces a lighter, less dense fog and will not likely be suitable for Halloween frights. For Halloween fog machines I like Chauvet’s H900 fog machine, Elation’s 700w Fog/Hazer combo, and if you are only are using a small space, Eliminator’s Mini-Fogger. I believe these fog machines have the necessary features and the right prices for Halloween fun and your Halloween budget.

Screw in black lights create a creepy lighting effect that are simple to install. Hang up some skeletons and you will find that their bones glow in the darkness, creating quite a scare for kids and adults alike. Strobe lights are another good choice, but of course you’ll want to turn the flicker per second (FPS) down because you don’t want the effect to be too disorienting for your Hallows Eve visitors. I would recommend American DJ’s 1fps Flash Rope because it is inexpensive, simple to use, and weatherproof. If you wanted something with more features I would go with ADJ’s Flash Shot DMX. Lastly, you will want some more general color light sources to give you more Halloween lighting and provide more light to ensure a safe environment. For this I would go with a smaller weatherproof LED unit to give you color and functional versatility. For this I would go with Optima’s ILED 30 washes. Set these color changing washes to sound activation mode and they will follow whatever spooky music or sounds you have playing. Or, set them up using their on board LED display—either way they are easy to use and durable.

Lastly, something that I’ve learned from my own experience: jack-o-lanterns are fun but keeping the candle lit inside of them can be a chore. Consider putting one of Osram’s LED tap lights inside of it and you’ll be surprised how spooky the tap light’s fairly cool light makes these jack-o-lanters look. These are just a few possibilities open to you for Halloween. Look though our catalog and you will likely stumble upon numerous products that you can use for your own Halloween decorations. As usual, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897. I will post more Halloween ideas in my tip of the day as we approach the holiday so keep your eyes, and your grapes, peeled!

Daft Punk Comes Alive with Moving Heads and Strobes

Some things you will always remember: your first kiss, your child’s first steps, your first bicycle—you get the picture. I certainly remember all of these things, in addition to one very bright memory: Daft Punk’s 2007 Alive tour’s concert lighting. I know it was a number of years ago now, but it just doesn’t get much better than this show. Daft Punk, a pair of French DJs, was situated in a giant pyramid surrounded by huge lattices of LED tube lights. The base and top of the pyramid were comprised of LED screens to keep the action truly non-stop. The pyramid was surrounded by two diagonally hung trusses, one on either side of the pyramid, which framed Daft Punk’s pyramid with a combined 12 moving heads powered by Philips’ MSR metal halide short arc lamps. Perpendicular the diagonally hung truss was another truss that ran the width of the stage, featuring another set of 12 moving heads and three powerful strobes to get those robotic effects necessary to match the music.

There parallel trusses were hung above the stage; these trusses featured a combined 38 moving heads and eight strobes to really create a multi-dimensional lighting experience. Mounted directly on the stage, surrounding the pyramid, were another 18 moving heads and six strobes to ensure that the lighting designers had all of their angles covered. As you can probably infer, Daft Punk’s show was packed with moving and dynamic lighting. If you have ever heard Daft Punk’s music you would know that their space-age disco hits could only be matched a lighting set up that was truly massive, ever-changing, and well, alive.

BulbAmerica has all the stage lighting equipment, including strobes, moving heads, and LED tubes, to make your performance a memorable one. Check out what we have to offer today! As usual, leave us a comment on our blog or our Facebook or give us a call at 1-877-622-0897 for anything you need.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

White Light, No Heat: Elation's Design 36 WA

If you are familiar with stage and architectural lighting, you are probably well versed in how good and how common LED color changing PARs are and have become. Less numerous, yet no less useful, are LED PAR white/amber (WA) fixtures that rather than being change color, move across the white color spectrum. Elation’s Design LED 36 WA is one of the best white light changers around, and will be in the spot light in this article. Elation’s Design LED 36 WA is a white wash unit geared to provide you with an entire spectrum of white light, from extremely warm to extremely cool, for stage and architectural applications. The Design LED 36 WA features 36 one watt LumiLEDs, each rated for 100,000hrs, to ensure long lasting and bright light.

The Design LED 36 WA offers you the ability to dial in and finesse the hue of white you want by using the DIP switches on the back of the can or by using a DMX controller. The Design LED 36WA also features a 30˚ medium diffuser to further soften the light. The 100w Design LED 36WA features all of the operation modes common to high quality LED PARs, namely stand alone, master/slave, sound controlled (via built in microphone) and DMX controlled (single channel or 3 channel operation modes), making it extremely versatile. Adding to the unit’s versatility is its flicker free operation, allowing it to be used in film and live broadcasting.

Elation’s Design LED 36 WA is a great addition to Elation Design series. Check out all of our Design line products as well as Elation’s other products. If it is an LED PAR you are after, be sure to explore what we have to offer. Don’t forget to leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897.

The Helix Bridge Radical Architecture Meets Radical Lighting

In April of this year, the Helix Bridge which crosses the Singapore River in Singapore’s Marina Bay was completed, signaling a radical achievement in not only bridge architecture, but architectural LED lighting as well. The nearly 1,000ft bridge is modeled after human DNA and features to independent steel frames that spiral around the bridge and are connected to each other by steel struts. Attached to these steel frames are metal canopies to provide shade and house additional design elements and LEDs. Furthermore, the bridge features two pairs of the letters ‘c’, ‘t’, ‘a’, and ‘g’ that represent cytosine, thymine, adenine, and guanine, the building blocks of human DNA. The bridge designers though it important to have these elements represented to further suggest the human form in the bridge’s architecture.

The bridge features around 10,000 LED bulbs and custom fixtures, all of which are kept in sync and properly cued up with DMX controllers. The LED lights ensure that the bridge’s lighting can withstand Singapore’s weather while remaining durable and energy efficient. White LEDs were installed to illuminate the bridge’s walkway and colored LEDs were installed on the exterior of the bridge, on the curving metal pieces to highlight the bridge’s radical design.

Though we cannot supply you with the radical bridge, BulbAmerica can certainly supply you with a wide variety of indoor and IP65 rated outdoor LED products. Make sure to leave a message or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

LED MR16s: A Green Light for Disply Lighting

MR16s are among the most popular bulbs for medium to low intensity directional lighting. From retail lighting applications, to art galleries, and to your very own kitchen, MR16s are a popular choice for giving whatever you are displaying the attention it deserves. Like nearly every other type of light bulb, LEDs are being integrated into traditional incandescent bulbs, in this case MR16s, in order to give you a more environmentally friendly lighting option. Today, LED MR16s are available in every color temperature from extremely warm to extremely cool to give you the flexibility that comes with traditional halogen MR16s. There is no doubt that by using LED MR16s you are saving considerably with regard to energy draw. Halogen MR16s draw anywhere from under 10w to more than 300w, compared to the 1.7w to 6w range of LED MR16s. But one seriously considering LED MR16s should understand that though LEDs are powerful, they do not typically match the output of halogen MR16s. This is not to say that you should not use LED MR16s, but rather you should be strategic in your use of them. This is also not to say that all LED MR16s are incapable of matching halogen MR16 output, rather one should be mindful that sometimes light output is not equivalent across bulb types. LED MR16s offered in the bases typical of incandescent MR16s including G9.5, GU10, GU5.3 2-pin, GX5.3 2-pin, and screw in bases for LED JDR MR16s. LED MR16s therefore offer the same fixture flexibility that you currently have with halogen MR16s.

There are two unique advantages of LED MR16s over traditional halogens. Some LED MR16s come in colored versions, allowing you add a colorful dimension to your displaying. Colored MR16s, such as Platinum's RGB color changing MR16s, are ideal in retail applications where you want to draw special attention to certain products. Furthermore, LED MR16s produce close to no heat unlike halogen MRs which get extremely hot. This means that your LED MR16s can be placed closer to whatever it is you are illuminating in order to get the most out of your light source and a more concentrated, focused beam.

Make BulbAmerica your one stop shop for MR16s. Not only do we have LED MR16s and halogen MR16s, but we also have MR11s, MR13s, MR14s, JDR MR16s, and more. As usual, write us on our blog or our Facebook page, or call us at 1-877-622-0897 with any questions or comments you have.

The Tallest Skyscraper in the World's Light Show Reaches Unprecedented Heights

This past January the inauguration of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest skyscraper in the world, took place. The 2,717ft tower was inaugurated with perhaps one of the most technologically complex light shows ever created, featuring video, fireworks, and of course lighting. During the entire ceremony, 320 automated 7,000w xenon search lights sent powerful white beams of light darting in sync with the fireworks being shot off the sides of the building. The ceremony also featured the most powerful search light in the world, a 72,000w xenon lamp powered single-beam search light. United Arab Emirate (UAE) newspapers reported many of the 6,000 inauguration invitees clasping the backs of their necks after nearly thirty minutes of looking up at the mesmerizing fireworks and searchlight display.

BulbAmerica has an array of searchlights and other outdoor lighting products to make a stunning impression on your audience. In addition to search lights, we have numerous outdoor color changers, promotional projectors, and gobo changers to capture the attention of anyone near by. As usual, leave questions or comments on our blog or Facebook, or call us at 1-877-622-0897.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Las Vegas' Fremont Street: An LED Spectacular

Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the most exciting places on earth, and its Fremont Street, a shopping area lined with shops and food vendors certainly contributes to this excitement. What is unique about Fremont Street is not what is happening on the street, but what is happening 90ft above the street on the inside of the street’s canopy. Attached to the canopy is the largest LED screen in the world. The 125ft wide Viva Vision screen features an incredible 12.1 million red, green, and blue LED bulbs. The screen is powered 10 high-speed computers that control the animation, graphics, and live footage of the street displayed on the Viva Vision Screen. By using LEDs, the Viva Vision screen achieves a very high resolution and is thus an incredibly popular Las Vegas attraction.

What is amazing to me is that prior to 2004 when the screen was first unveiled, the canopy was studded with 2.1 million incandescent bulbs. Beyond the astonishingly huge task of keeping tack of the burnt out bulbs in a 2.1 million light bulb display, it is likely that the energy expenditures and heat produced by the old incandescent canopy at Freemont Street were incredible. Though the 2004 replacement of the 2.1 million incandescent bulbs with the 12.1 million LED Viva Screen probably had much to do with the higher video resolution LEDs can achieve, surely another reason was the dramatic energy savings that the LEDs contributed.

The moral of the Freemont Street LED story is that if you need outdoor video panels LEDs are really the only good choice. But, beyond this, you should replace your incandescent bulbs with LEDs, or at least CFLs, to make your lighting that much more efficient. After all, the desert is pretty hot as it is, one doesn’t need the additional heat of 2.1 million incandescent bulbs to feel the heat.

BulbAmerica has a wide selection of LED and CFL light bulbs to keep you in bright, cool light. Be sure to check out our entire catalog. Don’t forget to write us on our blog or our Facebook page, or you can call at 1-877-622-0897.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chauvet Heads for the Endzone in New Orleans

Earlier this week the New Orleans Saints, the winner of last year’s Super Bowl, kicked off their season and the team’s administration wanted to do it in a big way. They decided to use Champions Square, a 60,000 sqft plaza across from the SuperDome, to throw a giant tailgating party. For the event’s lighting designers the biggest questions became how does one light such a large outdoor space effectively and festively and which lights does one use? There were also performances by Taylor Swift and the Dave Matthews Band to add a concert element to the party and further complicate the situation. The Solomon Group turned to Chauvet's products to provide attractive and bright lighting that would illuminate tail gating area and to handle the concert lighting as well. Champion’s Plaza itself presented both a challenge and a lighting opportunity. The makeshift plaza, built from giant blocks made of scaffolding covered with cloth and giant photos of famous New Orleans Saints players, lent itself to the use of Chauvet LED ColorRADO series LED PAR cans.

The lighting designers used 364 ColoRADO 1 PARs to backlight the scaffolding and uplight the enlarged photographs of former and current Saints players. Champion’s Square was not only packed with vibrant light from the ColoRADOs, but featured large LED video screens as well so tailgaters could watch the game. The Taylor Swift and Dave Matthews Band concert were both illuminated by Chauvet LED moving heads, ColorRADO PARs, and other fixtures. The most amazing fact about the entire tailgating party was that despite the large number of LED PARs and LED panels, Champion Squared only drew 300amps of electricity.

Our Chauvet ColoRADO series LED PARs and other lighting products are available at amazing prices. Get yours today! As usual don't forget to post any comments or questions on our blog or Facebook. Or, you can call us at 1-877-622-0897.

In the Spotlight #6: Lumens, Luminous Flux, and Luminance

Recently a customer asked what the difference between lumens, luminous flux, and luminance was. I thought this was an especially good question and should be addressed as all three of these terms of measure are used in technical specifications, and sometimes even all at once! Lumens and luminous flux should be tackled first because they are actually wrapped up with each other. The lumen, which is often denoted as (lm) is the standard unit of luminous flux. Sometimes lighting specifications list lumens rather than luminous flux, thus understandably leading some to believe that is a distinct measurement rather than simply an expression of a unit of measurement. Luminous flux simply refers to the total output of light of a light source.

Luminance is slightly more complicated and before going in to it is necessary to distinguish luminous flux from candlepower. Candlepower, which is now measured in candelas, refers to the intensity of light in one direction. Luminance is measured in candelas per square meter (cd/m^2) and refers to the luminous intensity of a point on a flat surface that is emitting light as perceived by the eye.

Well, that does it for now. I hope this article was illuminating and that the difference between lumens, luminous flux, and luminance is clear now. As usual do not forget to post any comments or questions on our blog or Facebook. Or, you can call us at 1-877-622-0897.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Elation's Design Brick 70: Paint the Night with Light

Elation always manages to bring new and interesting products to the table and this time is no different. Elation’s Design Brick 70 is an exciting LED wash unit with incredible RGBWA (red, blue, green, amber, white) color changing to give you an endless palette of color at your fingertips. The 210w Design Brick 70 features 70 three watt SSC LED bulbs to give the Design Brick its powerful light producing engine. The Design Brick 70 is balanced with an array of options that make it great for both theatrical and architectural applications. With its specially designed yoke/floor stand, you can use the Design Brick either mounted on a truss or on the floor in order to uplight a wall. The Design Brick is not restricted to static washes, the unit’s 7 cell pixel control can be initiated, thus giving producing a scrolling color effect. With a standard beam angle of 16˚ and optional angles of 10˚ and 20˚, you have the option of determining how broad your wash will be.

Controlling the Design Brick 70 couldn’t be easier. Either connect it to a DMX controller using its 3 or 5 pin input or connect it to other Brick 70 units via the 3 or 5 pin output. Elation also offers a remote control and RF receiver option if you want to control your unit from a distance, but do not want the complexities that a full lighting system can bring. This feature is especially handy and geared for architectural lighting applications. The 17lb Design Brick is also flicker free so you can use it in lighting for film and TV, in addition to architectural and theatrical applications.

Elation’s Design Brick 70 is probably one of the best LED washes around. If you want infinite color mixing and a powerful wash that will blanket a wall with deep colors then this is the one for you. BulbAmerica has an extensive catalog of Elation’s other quality products so be sure to check them out. Don’t forget to write us on our blog or Facebook or call at 1-877-622-0897.

The Guangzhou Opera House Lights Up with ETC

In May of this past year, the Guangzhou Opera House opened in China. The Guangzhou Opera House represents a landmark among operas houses with regard to its size, architecture, and technology. The 1,800 seat and 452,000sqft opera house required lighting that would match its size, thus, it was no surprise when lighting designers turned to ETC for their professional theatrical lighting technologies. The Guanzhou Opera House’s lighting system, from its controllers to its followspots was largely ETC. The stage’s lighting rig consisted of 360 ETC fixtures, which included 220 Source Four ellipsodials with beam angles ranging from 5˚ to 26˚ and 140 Source Four Revolution moving head fixtures. Sixteen of ETC’s Source Four Zoom were also used for narrower lighting. Like all high performance lighting systems, the Guanzhou Opera House’s lighting system featured numerous dimmers and ETC controllers.

The Guangzhou Opera House is an amazing step forward in theatre technology. Without the help of ETC’s Source Four technology, however, the opera may not shine as brightly. BulbAmerica stocks many of the same ETC Source Products used at the Guangzhou Opera House so you have access to the best lighting possible. Check out what we have to offer today! As always, feel free to comment or post a question on our blog or Facebook, or call 1-877-622-0897.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ADJ's Mega Bar Pro: A Wash and Color Changer in One

As LED technology becomes more and more of a lighting mainstay, increasingly imaginative LED effects are being dreamt up. One of my favorite LED lighting effects right now is American DJ’s Mega Bar Pro. This multi-purpose fixture functions as a RGB color changer/color chaser and as a wash unit, thus giving you fantastic bang for your buck. Though the Mega Bar pro may be two fixtures in one, it has an energy draw of only 45w, which is less than most conventional lighting fixtures. To add the Mega Bar's versatility, it can be controlled in three modes (stand alone, sound active, and DMX) and has eight different DMX work modes, ranging from 2 channels to 29. The Mega Bar Pro features 27 one watt LEDs, all of which are rated at 50,000hrs to ensure that you will be shining bright for a long time.

The Mega Bar Pro is not just a dream machine for DJ or club lighting, it can also be used in an architectural lighting application. Its variable color changing allows the Mega Bar Pro to produce a nearly limitless gamut of colors and its 30˚ beam angle means that the light produced will be a wide, flat wash. The Mega Bar can be mounted on the floor, to a truss, or placed on the ground, giving you great flexibility with regard to what surface you decide to illuminate. The Mega Bar Pro features an on board LED display and buttons so you can fully operate it without a controller or music. Furthermore, the inclusion of static color scenes and built in programs adds to the usability and versatility of this fixture, allowing you to set up your Mega Par and forget about it.

ADJ’s Mega Bar Pro is an exciting RGB color changer/chaser and wall wash wrapped in one 8lb package. This fixture is a great choice for a DJ on the go that does every type of venues from weddings to clubs and needs versatile lighting. Check out our other American DJ products and our other LED lighting effects. As always, feel free to comment or post a question on our blog or Facebook, or call 1-877-622-0897.

New York's FAO Schwarz Gets an LED Makeover

The FAO Schwarz on New York City’s iconic Fifth Avenue is likely the most famous toy store in the world. The designers responsible for the lighting for the store’s renovation therefore faced a significant challenge when they were faced with the task of redesigning the store's lighting. The designers sought a lighting system that would sustain the store’s fanciful and exciting environment while remaining versatile and efficient. Another hurdle was devising a way of evenly and vibrantly lighting the store’s expansive 140ft by 60ft floor space and while ensuring that the store’s merchandise be adequately lit. The lighting designers settled on a plan to stud the entire ceiling with almost 80,000 individually addressed LED bulbs. When the project was finally completed the ceiling was adorned with an astounding 28,080ft of color changing light. Moreover, the ceiling lights also serve as a gigantic LED panel and can create lively shows, shapes, and images for the customers at the store to enjoy. The color changing and LED panel effects made them ideal for matching the lighting to the varying themes and displays used at the store.

Though you may not be able to create an LED light system quite like FAO Schwarz’s, you can come close, and save money and energy while doing it. Start adding color to your home or business lighting and check out what we have to offer today! As usual leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call 1-877-622-0897.

Monday, September 13, 2010

ADJ'S Color Shot Strobe: Great Light at the Right Price

The search for inexpensive yet high quality LED lighting effects can be exhausting. Every so often, however, you come across certain products that stand out in price, performance, and reliability. American DJ’s Color Shot strobe light is one of these products. The Color Shot is an intelligent RGB color changing strobe with a maximum strobe rate of 13fps. When it comes to controlling your Color Shot you have the option of running it in either sound-active, automatic, and DMX modes. This allows you to use the Color Shot regardless of how simple or complex your lighting system is. This 6lb strobe is compact and extremely light weight, making it a fantastic option for the DJ or band on the go. This long life and low heat strobe is ideal for any performance and any venue.

BulbAmerica stocks ADJ’s Color Shot and much more, so be sure to check out all the American DJ products we have to offer. As usual leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call 1-877-622-0897.

LEDs Bridge Radical Architecture with Brilliant Light in the Republic of Georgia

The Bridge of Peace spans the Mtkvari River in Tbilisi, the capital city of the Republic of Georgia, which shares borders with Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia. The bridge, which was completed in early 2010, is known for its magnificent and radical architecture. The Bridge of Peace is also known for its striking LED illumination which casts a white glow against the darkened city and the water below. According to LED Magazine and World Architecture, the bridge is lit by an amazing 30,000 LED bulbs with 4,100 of them comprising the unique interactive lighting system contained throughout the bridge’s glass and steel canopy.

What is particularly unique about the Bridge of Peace’s LED lighting system is that is fully interactive. As pedestrians cross the bridge, they activate light sensors triggering the LEDs and making the light appear to follow the pedestrians across the bridge. The bridge’s canopy also blinks once an hour, sending a Morse code message that corresponds to the elements on the Periodic Table to symbolize the organic quality of humanity and nature.

LEDs were an obvious choice for this project, and other projects like it, due to their durability, long life, and nearly boundless applications. Let BulbAmerica be your bridge to LED products, you’ll save energy, money, and your light will look great too! As always, leave a question or comment on our blog or our Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Elation's DLED PRO 36: Light Bright, Light Right

Finding a LED PAR can that is bright, durable, and can be used in both outdoor and indoor applications is no simple task. In this article I will provide an overview of Elation’s DLED 36 PRO, an indestructible LED PAR Can that will last a long time and not break the bank. The DLED 36 PRO has an ingress protection (IP) rating of 65 and features a die cast aluminum housing. The 108w DLED 36 PRO has 36 three watt LEDs to produce bright and vibrant RGB color changing and has a 15˚ lens kit with a 14˚ beam angle and a 25˚ lens kit. To get the most out of your DLED 36 Pro, you can run the DLED in stand alone, sound activated, master/slave mode, or DMX controllable mode. With a built in strobe (up to 18fps), you can easily use your DLED in DJ lighting or club settings, making this LED luminaire extremely versatile. To further increase the usability of this fixture, Elation outfitted it with a dual yoke for mounting which can also be used as a split bracket if you want to stand the DLED up for uplighting purposes.

Like many high end LED PARs, the DLED is flicker free, making it a useful light source in film production and live video broadcasting. To get the most out of your light and further customize the quality of light coming out of the DLED pro, it comes with a gel/lens frame which allows you to put an additional lens so you can further diffuse the light or change the light in some other way. The DLED weighs only 15lbs and is small enough to be easily transported, making it ideal for the DJ, theatre, or church on the go.

In my opinion you cannot go wrong with Elation’s DLED 36 Pro. Its durability and performance coupled with Elation’s commitment to excellence make it irresistible. Check it out, and also check out the other fantastic products by Elation that we offer. As always, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or give us a call at 1-877-622-0897.

Exit Light, Enter Night: Metallica's Concert Lighting Keeps the Heavy Light

I was thinking about my favorite lighting from some of the concerts I have been to over the last couple years, and one concert stands out in particular, Metallica’s concert from their Death Magnetic tour. Though my memory of this show (it was in the spring of 2009) is a tad hazy now, PLSN wrote a great article on their lighting and jogged my memory. The lighting scheme of Metallica’s show was simple. To the lighting designers nothing else mattered but the band’s performance and the audience’s enjoyment of it. The stage was the center of the action and the audience surrounded it so there was no backdrop. This presented two lighting problems: the audience had to be lit because the audience was the background of the show and the band had to be lit from above. Another complicating factor is that the members of Metallica like to move around a lot on stage. These circumstances required the lighting designers to use spotlights and truss mounted, automated followspots to keep track of the band members on stage.

The majority of the stage lighting was accomplished using an elaborate overhead truss system, fashioned to look like huge coffins, on which hung lasers, and a large number of moving head washes and other units. This lighting strategy was chosen to create a memorable, almost ghostly and fairly minimalist look, absent of hard edged light beams. There were also moving head washes set up on the drummer’s individual stage and on other parts of the stage for supplementary lighting.

Controlling the show was no easy task. As the PLSN article reported, Metallica typically chooses from a range of 30 songs that will play during a show, so the lighting designers had to program cues and scenes for all of these songs. This meant that by the time it was show time, their controllers had roughly 4,500 cues programmed, just so they were prepared for any song the band would play.

Though you may not have the resources or the heavy sound of Metallica, you can certainly put together a lighting system using followspots, spotlights, moving heads, and lasers to wow your crowd. Make BulbAmerica your one stop shop for lighting. As usual, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Elation's Opti RGB: Big Light in a Small Package

With all of the LED PAR cans out there, it can be difficult to figure out which one is for you. In this article I will introduce to you one of my personal favorite LED PARs, Elation’s 45w Opti RGB. The IP20 rated Opti RGB is intended for indoor lighting stage, DJ, and architectural applications. The Opti RGB is available in black or white to ensure it blends in wherever you are using it and features an aluminum housing to keep your Opti PAR shining bright. The Opti RGB is a powerful light in a small package, it features 24 1w LEDs, each rated for 50,000hrs. With a 15˚ beam angle, and an Optional 45˚ beam angle kit available, the Opti RGB can provide you with a diffuse, flat, and even color wash perfect for soft-edged illumination.

The Opti RGB can be controlled in a number of different ways. As is standard these days, the Opti PAR can be ran in a stand alone mode, in a master/slave configuration, and lastly via DMX through 3-pin serial input. In addition to these standard LED PAR can control modes, the Opti RGB also features a built in microphone which allows it to run according to pre-programmed programs to music. This makes the Opti PAR ideal for clubs and DJs. In addition, the Opti RGB has a powerful strobe that can be adjusted from 1 to 18 flashes per second.

Elation’s Opti PAR has some big features packed into a small 10lb, (11.5” x 8.5” x 8.5”) package, making it very easy to transport. BulbAmerica has Elation’s Opti PARs, and many other of Elation’s excellent products, in stock, so check out what we have to offer today. As always, feel free to comment or post a question on our blog or Facebook, or call 1-877-622-0897.

Cirque du Soleil: Balancing Acrobatics on Beams of Light

The Cirque du Soleil is known around the world for its amazing acrobatics, its stunning scenery, imaginative costumes, and yes, lavish lighting. Cirque du Soleil’s performance integrates music, color, and movement into one seamless performance. Therefore all facets of the performance, the lighting included, must be powerful, distinctive, and evocative of the performance’s overall story. In order to satisfy these unique needs, Cirque du Soleil lighting designers have tended to utilize large numbers moving head beam projectors and scanners in order to illustrate the performance with light. Cirque Du Soleil’s lighting designers opted for moving head beam projectors rather than followspots because the moving heads are smaller and can more adequately match the quick movements of the acrobats and the music than an ordinary followspot can.

In Cirque Du Soleil’s Show Saltimbanco, 40 scanners were used to color the stage with dynamic color and image. Cirque Du Soleil lighting designers created dramatic lighting effects by using colors that are opposite one another on the color spectrum, such as purple and green, to create stark contrasts, and more importantly, to interact with the performers’ costumes, making them more dazzling. For Cirque Du Soleil lighting designers, color blends with the narrative: each color symbolizes a certain theme or emotion and is used to signal to the audience where the story is going and even the meaning of each scene.

BulbAmerica carries many different moving heads and scanners to so you can dazzle an audience of your own. Though you may not have the incredible acrobatics of the Cirque Du Soleil at your fingertips, you can dazzle with your own breath taking lighting! Check out our scanners and moving heads today! Leave any questions or comments on our blog or Facebook, or call us at 1-877-622-0897.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Galaxian Move Laser: Taking Your Performance Out of this World

American DJ’s Galaxian Move is a combination of a moving head and a laser, making it a truly unique and exciting lighting effect. The 540˚ pan and 270˚ coupled with the Move’s 100˚ beam angle make it possible to blanket an entire surface in green and red laser beams and the Move’s distinguishing ‘solar system’ effect. The Galaxian Move was designed for high energy performances in mind. It can be set to run with its automated programs to music via the unit’s built in microphone, or it can be controlled by a controller through its DMX input, using its eight channels to control all of the Galaxian’s parameters. By setting the unit to master/slave you can create a forest of laser beams and add further depth to it by activating the Galaxian Move’s inversion mode, which inverts the movement of every other unit in the daisy chain. Don’t forget about combining your Galaxian Move with a fog effect from a fog machine and to turn the dance floor into a wondrous and wild space.

The Galaxian Move, with its four button LED menu, is very easy to set up and configure for your performance. Its low 25w energy draw and meager 10lbs w eight means that the Galaxian is not an energy burden and is incredibly easy to transport from venue to venue if you are a DJ on the go.

BulbAmerica has the Galaxian Move and other amazing American DJ products in stock so check them all out! Don’t hesitate to post additional comments or questions on the blog or on our Facebook, or call us at 1-877-622-0897. Bring your show to the next level with American DJ’s Galaxian Move!

Charge Up Your Lighting Today With Elation's Event Panel

With LED based lighting products, versatility is the name of the game. Because they use so little energy, LED luminaires can be used in novel and versatile ways, especially with the integration of battery systems into the fixture. It is for this reason that Elation Professional’s Event Panel is one of my favorite products right now. The Event Panel features 288 10mm LEDs rated at 100,000 hrs each. The Event Panel can be controlled via three different methods: either via a DMX controller, the on board LCD display, or by letting it run automatically through a sound activated mode that works through the Event Panel’s built in microphone. The panel also features a master/slave feature so you can link multiple panels up and run them. This is especially helpful if you are using the Event Panel in architectural applications or stage lighting applications.

What really sets the Event Panel apart from its competition is its detachable and chargeable 12v battery. By running the Event Panel on battery power you can use it in spaces where an outlet may not be accessible. The battery power option for the Event Panel coupled with its flicker free performance makes the Event Panel perfect for a filmmaker who needs a color changing wash and great looking light. The battery is extremely easy to charge, just plug it into a normal outlet and within a few hours your Event Panel is ready to shine. By simply detaching the battery, the Event Panel can be mounted to a truss or stand for theatre or other event applications and can be plugged in directly for continuous power.

Elation’s Event Panel deserves a look if you need a highly portable and versatile LED wash. Whether you are a DJ who runs the show at weddings or you are shooting a film, the Event Panel can provide you the lighting you need. Check it out today! As always, leave a message or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897.

Friday, September 3, 2010

An Introduction to Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom, of all the rooms in the home or office, is probably the most sensitive to bad lighting. We have all had the displeasure of going into a bathroom with extremely cool light and grimacing at the goblin standing in the mirror. In this article I will go through some steps you can take to make your lighting look its best so you can too. The lighting surrounding your bathroom mirror is the most important lighting decision you will make regarding your bathroom illumination, so let’s start there. No matter what type of fixture you decide to use, you will want to have light sources on either side of the mirror so you can easily see your face without shadows. If you are a fan of Hollywood glamor, you may want to go with Hollywood bathroom strips, which I would recommend using with Globe CFLs. You can really go with any number of fixtures beside and even above the mirror. In this application I would go with a CFL that approximates daylight color temperature (5,500K) so the light is not too yellow or too blue. CFLs are nice in this application because they do not give off heat, allowing you to get close to the mirror without any discomfort. Remember that the mirror will multiply the light around the mirror, so light surrounding the mirror should be adequate for the space. Another option for mirror lighting is purchasing a mirror unit that has lights built into them. The lights used in these mirrors are typically T5 fluorescent tube lamps. These are a good choice for office bathroom lighting or even restaurant bathroom lighting too. Illuminated round mirrors are also popular, these mirrors typically use G4 halogen bulbs to encircle the mirror. These are excellent bulbs for the mirror area because they usually feature a 100CRI score, which means they replicate color exactly.

Beside lighting surrounding the mirror, you will want to focus on areas that require recessed lighting. One place you will likely place a recessed light is in your shower. Beyond making sure that the fixture you choose is waterproof, you will want to choose a bulb for your recessed can. There are many options that will depend upon the size of the can and lighting preferences. CFL reflector (R) and bulge reflector (BR) bulbs are a good choice, as are CFL A-shapes and low voltage MR16s. The bottom line is that in the shower you want plenty of bright light so you can see what you are doing. How much recessed lights and how much light you need will obviously be dictated by the size of your bathroom. Don’t forget that many bathrooms have at least one window and that there is no light source more efficient than natural light.

Well, that’s it, a short introduction to bathroom lighting. For more information comment or post a question or call 1-877-622-0897.

DJ Effect Lighting: A Guide for the Perplexed

If you’ve ever shopped for DJ lighting effects you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the numerous types there are. What doesn’t help is that very seldom can you find a guide that enumerates the different effects, rather than just the different fixtures themselves. In this article I will go through the different effects and explain the differences between the effects and what you can expect from them. So, let’s get started. The simplest effects in the DJs arsenal, and the ones of with which people are most familiar, are the strobe and the beacon. The strobe, which is now very commonly powered by LEDs, can either be white light or colored and flashes light at a variable rate, creating the unbeatable robot-like strobe effect. The beacon is another fairly popular choice for DJs. This inexpensive technique features a colored plastic cylinder or cone with a rotating bulb inside. Beacons are great for being placed on top of a speaker or anywhere where a little extra flair is desired.

Beam effects are one of the most widely used effects. Beam effects come in specific beam effects fixtures like the Chauvet LED Mushroom, which features a rotating series of colored lenses mounted in front of an LED light source. The effect created is a cluster of spinning, independent colored beams. Moving heads, like Elation's Beam Design heads, also are capable of producing beam effects. Don’t forget when you consider using a beam effect to consider getting a fog machine, these two effect units go perfectly together! A sub-family of beam effect is moonflower effects and derby effects. A moonflower effect, like that produced by Chauvet’s Vue 4.1 DMX LED, produces many different colored beams that collect on the surface it is directed at and form a pattern. Moonflower fixtures often produce numerous patterns and feature impressive color changing abilities. Derby effects are also another common beam effect. Derby effects feature the creation of many moving beams that can be layered on top of each other to create a multi-color beam effect. The derby effect, like all DJ effects, has a built in microphone that automatically syncs its pattern to your music.

The other main family of DJ effects is barrel and scanner effects. A barrel is usually a rotating cylinder with multiple mirrors to fixed to its exterior that reflects the light shined upon it from the bulb’s lamp. Optima’s Excalibur scanner features a barrel which creates many quickly alternating and rotating beams. Barrel effects also use gobos which are then rotated and use color changing to create a dynamic performance. Scanners create a similar effect and work similarly. Rather than use a rotating barrel, a scanner features a light source that shines on a single mirror which usually features XY rotation or rotation horizontally and vertically.

Of course there are other effects, like blacklights, lasers, snow machines, and bubble machines, which are easily distinguishable from the rest. BulbAmerica has all of these effects in stock and at unbeatable check us out today. Post any questions or comments you have on the blog or our Facebook or call 1-877-622-0897.